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Legend Of A Hitman

1st Off This is a good Movie .The Production is on point i felt close when i started reading, every things Hot.It's about a Lil Boy Name Alex Coppolla Mother died he ran away he hit the street's Frank Mariani a big time Mobster seen that Alex was stealing and seen potential in him being a Lethal Assassin.Years Later he grew up fell in love with cecilia Castiliano until Frank Mariani sends ALEX to kill Cecilia Castiliano Father from bad business relations.Alex found out Frank is not related to Frank so Alex turned on him the man that took him in trying to protect the women he love and the father now Alex have to face Frank who will kill them The best HitMan in Da Game.. BIG UP'S TO THE CAST OF HITMAN ENTERTAINMENT STUDIOS Realistic Life Film Cinematography "Loving it"

Wydriickuss Gorman